Soaps and the Warmth

With a stuffy nose and rock-heavy eyes, I wake up to the mind-bending tunes of the daily soaps. These are my mom's bible. One look at her and you know stuff is about to get intense behind the holy screen of contemporary representation of the human society. She sits upright on her chair. Her just-washed … Continue reading Soaps and the Warmth

Sunsets and Hugs

‘Ye nahi wo stumper leke a’, Ritu screams from the road. His brother was on the 2nd floor which is where they lived showing Ritu all the balls they had for him to choose one. You don’t really need alarms of complex gears or the chirping alarm tone on the phone to wake you up … Continue reading Sunsets and Hugs

The Cosmic Writer

Time slowly flew by as I lie down on my bed and stare at the ceiling. The night was carrying a beautiful eerie silence with hints of pleasant breeze through the window. I could hear the clock beside me. Tick-tock, a tick and a tock, rhythmically resonating with my heart beat. Chris Martin was singing … Continue reading The Cosmic Writer